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    Downtown Development Authority

    Welcome to the Saginaw DDA

    The Saginaw City Council under the authority of P.A. 197 (1975) established the Saginaw Downtown Development Authority on July 13, 1981. It was created for the interests of the public to halt property value deterioration and increase property valuation where possible in the City’s business districts. The purpose is to bolster economic development, redevelopment and activity within the DDA district. The district is contained within downtown and encompasses much of the city including the Old Town Business District, East Genesee Avenue Corridor, Covenant Hospital District, the Riverfront, Cathedral District, and the Central Business District. All decisions are control by a board consisting of 16 volunteer members who have a stake in the community through employment, business ownership, residency or otherwise. Public meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at 3:30 P.M. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

    The DDA has recently been approved for a 2 mill levy which allows for the collection of funds for projects throughout the DDA district. These projects will be aimed at increasing safety in the downtown, beautification of streets, sidewalks and buildings, and providing assistance to businesses.

    The Saginaw DDA seeks to achieve the following goals by working with the community and community partners:

    • Increase the number of jobs in the DDA district
    • Attract new business, business expansion and economic opportunity in the DDA district
    • Redevelop blighted properties to increase marketability and improve aesthetics

    DDA Board

    Thomas Basil, Chairman
    Mike Hanley, Vice Chairman
    Paul Virciglio, Secretary
    Gary Glaza, Treasurer
    Tim Morales, City Manager
    Dawn Goodrow, Dawn of a New Day
    Todd Gregory, The Huntington National Bank
    Jim Hill, Member at large
    Jon Makey, AMB Service
    Matt Nobis, Covenant HealthCare
    Herb Spence, Spence Brothers
    Dennis Whalen, Stable Outdoors
    Jeff Wood, Spicer Group

    DDA Staff

    • Tom Miller – DDA Staff Member
    • Cassi Miller – DDA Staff Member
    • Laura McClean – Clerk of the Board
    • Yolanda Jones – Financial
    • Stephanie Bauer – Financial